Key Personnel

Aneka Kitchens commenced back in 1991 as a truly family, locally owned and operated kitchen manufacturing business (with Rod & Sue and Randall as founding members).

We were fortunate enough to recruit Andrew and Christine over 15 years ago and I am pleased to say that they still remain with our team - and we feel like they are family too.

Allow our family to build your family kitchen!




Christine’s Personal Profile – Kitchen Designer

Christine has been with Aneka Kitchen’s since 1999 and has been our in-house designer since 2002.  We are very proud of her achievements and the passion she has for her job. She loves creating beautiful, functional kitchens for her clients. Her approach to her work is always friendly, professional, knowledgeable and personal. Christine is able to bring your dream kitchen to life and will make sure you are happy with each and every aspect.


Andrew’s Personal Profile – Production Manager

Andrew is a qualified cabinet maker and has been an invaluable member of our team since 1998 and his role is an integral part of your new kitchen. His job as the production manager involves a start to finish approach where he works closely with you overseeing the complete manufacturing process and the coordination of trades people. He will join you on the journey from conception to completion, ensuring you receive total customer satisfaction.


Sue’s & Rod's Personal Profile – Business Owners

Sue and Rod have enjoyed growing the business together and combining their differing styles and strengths.  

Rod is a qualified carpenter and certified kitchen designer and is passionate about software development and streamlined manufacturing.  

Sue is our showroom hostess, an estimator and bookkeeper. Sue strives to ensure all clients are delighted with their Aneka Kitchens project and that their staff enjoy the process.


Randall’s Personal Profile – Factory Foreman

Randall (Rod’s brother) has been directly involved in the manufacturing of our beautiful kitchens since 1991 and has been factory Forman since 1995.  Randall approaches each new kitchen project with the same dedication to ensure that it is manufactured to the highest standards whilst meeting strict deadlines.




Our friendly team is always willing to help you. Call us Today. We can answer all your questions both quickly and professionally and we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your kitchen is manufactured to the highest standards.